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Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Specialists Nashville area are standing by for experienced and effective assistance. Our water damage restoration Nashville services have helped many home and professional business owners in this region get back on their feet following property damaging water events like storm flooding, frozen or broken water pipes, burst hot water tanks, plumbing leaks, sewer water backups into basements and water moisture damage in crawlspaces.

Since 1975, our second generation owned and operated water damage restoration service has proudly served our many valued customers throughout the beautiful Nashville region. We are also this area’s top mold remediation specialists working hard to safely clean up and remove water moisture and mold from just about any surface. Our trusted mold and mildew preventative treatments can also help property owners avoid any possible water moisture, mold or mildew threats in the future. 

Water Damage Restoration

While water is essential for humans, animals, plants and other life, water damage causes untold number amounts of property damage every year. A slow moving thunderstorm, massive hurricane or wintertime snow storm can all throw down excessive amounts of water to the properties in the storms vicious path.

Properties that sit on or close by a river, stream, lake or other water body or reservoir can sustain tremendous water damage if these water sources overflow their banks or perimeters. 

Other types of water damaging events include a main water line or sewer break that causes water or sewer water to back up into neighboring properties including basements, crawlspaces and first floor lower levels of homes or businesses that are affected.

Any type of indoor plumbing problem can also cause massive amounts of water damage to the structures nearby the water leak or flood. This could be a leaking dishwasher, a loose water hose on a washer, a toilet that overflows or a frozen pipe that thaws after a cold spell.

These water issues and others often require the expertise of professionals trained to perform water damage restoration in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Standing water can also create an ideal environment for the growth of property damaging mold and mildew if the conditions are right. The property owner would then need additional clean up services by qualified mold remediation specialists to restore their damaged property.

Flood Damage Clean Up

The extensive clean up required following any type of flood damage that impacts a property can be extensive, difficult and sometimes overwhelming for property owners to face. People that own property in hurricane prone or other weather related storm region often fear this type of event.

Our flood damage clean up includes a proper assessment of the property to locate any potential problems that could increase the amount of devastating property damage that a flood can cause. Our team can recommend and provide personalized flood damage prevention treatments and measures to lesson the impact of an area flood occurrence. 

If you ever need water damage restoration in the Nashville, TN area, our reliable and prompt flood damage clean up services are there when you need us. Additionally, our services also include safe, fast and complete mold remediation by our highly skilled mold remediation specialists.

Mold Remediation & More

As this geographical region’s longstanding choice for reputable water damage restoration Nashville inhabitants have come to trust over the years, we also deliver prompt, thorough and highly effective mold remediation services and more for our loyal and new customers.

Our highly trained and knowledgeable mold remediation specialists will have the experience, proper tools and appropriate equipment to contain, clean and remove nasty and dangerous to health mold growth including those microscopic mold spores that travel on air currents. Our crew walls off the mold growth area with protective barriers and heavy duty fans to keep the mold and mildew spores contained during the clean up process. 

In addiction, our mold remediation specialists will search for and determine the root cause of the mold infestation and remedy the problem. To keep mold away after the clean up, our team can offer peace-of-mind mold prevention treatments and services to ensure that your property and all who live or work there are protected from future mold issues.

Crawlspace Clean Up & More

Homes and businesses that have crawlspaces often pose the threat of moisture damage. Additionally, the typically small, dark and damp area inside of a crawlspace or basement can be a perfect location for unwanted mold and mildew growth. 

Areas with zero or little fresh air exchange are prime candidates for this type of fungal problem to develop often unnoticed for long periods of time. Attics, crawlspaces and basements should be thoroughly inspected regularly by water and mold restoration specialists like our team to prevent the types of extensive property damage these microscopic invaders can do.

It can sometimes take measures such as creating a moisture barrier and introducing better airflow to remedy a moisture prone area like a crawlspace. This type of preventative services are just one of the many stellar water and mold damage restoration services offered by our qualified team.

Air Duct Cleaning

Another important part of water damage restoration Nashville home and business owners frequently encounter is a moisture or mold problem somewhere in the building’s air duct system. We provide a complete and extensive air duct cleaning service that can pinpoint problematic moisture prone areas inside of the ducts, vents or other related air duct elements that circulate air throughout the home or business. 

Cleaning out these air ducts can dramatically decrease the amount of lung irritants commonly found in indoor air samples. This takes some skill and the appropriate industrial strength cleaning equipment and supplies in order to get the job down right the first time. If you, your family members or workers seem to experience frequent breathing problems while inside, the air ducts could be part of the overall problem.

Property owners that find or fear water damage, other moisture problems or mold growth issues are urged to contact our seasoned team of water damage remediation experts in Nashville, TN. We offer practical and reliable water damage/moisture/mold restoration services that can provide a sensible solution to your property’s unique water damage or mold situation. 

Our certified water damage restoration technicians and professional mold remediation specialists are ready when needed. Customers can count on our topnotch workmanship and customer service record. Property owners in this area have counted on our expert moisture and mold remediation services for 2 plus generations now. Contact Tier Restoration at for professional Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Specialists Nashville.

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