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Water Damage Sewage Cleanup Nashville

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Sewage Cleanup in Nashville

What could be grosser than sewage water damage? Not much, but it has to be cleaned up. You definitely need a water damage specialist to help. Sewage is classified as Category 3 water damage by the IICRC S500 Standard and Guideline for Water Damage. That means that most non-structural materials cannot be restored and must be removed and disposed of properly. In addition, anyone working in these conditions must be properly vaccinated and wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). There are many similarities in how a sewage water damage and a flood water damage are restored. However, containment must set up around the contaminated area, including the path used for disposal. Negative air pressure must be maintained inside the containment to prevent cross contamination of bacteria. All affected drywall, carpet and pad, wood floor covering, furniture, wood trim, kitchen base cabinets, built in shelves and any other porous or semi-porous material must be discarded. What is remaining should be cleaned and treated with an anti-microbial solution.

Proper extraction is the first step in a sewage clean up. A broad-based anti-microbial solution should be applied before, during and after a thorough extraction. We use a plant based anti-microbial solution formulated with thyme oil. It kills gram negative and gram positive bacteria without any chance of resistance being developed by the bacteria, is safe for the technicians during the remediation and leaves no harmful residue for the occupants. The extracted effluent must be disposed properly into a sanitary system.

Any porous contents exposed to the sewage must be disposed of. High-value items may be able to be thoroughly cleaned and treated if tested afterward. All salvaged contents and remaining structure should be tested with an ATP meter to determine the presence of any remaining bacteria.

All personnel involved in the clean-up should be properly trained, vaccinated, and wear proper PPE (personal protective equipment) like Tyvek suit, water-proof boots and gloves, and full face respirator with organic vapor cartridges.

After the remaining structure has been thoroughly extracted, pressure washed and treated with an anti-microbial, drying equipment must be set up. A sewage mitigation project is complete and containment can be removed only after all salvaged material has been cleaned, treated, dried and tested.

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