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Mold Treatment Nashville

Many people suffer from allergies and excessive dust and particulates in the air and need to do something to improve their indoor air quality. We can help.

Mold Treatment in Nashville

You’ve come to the wrong place if you want to learn about mold treatment. According to the S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation, the mold should not be treated. Mold should be removed, then any remaining surfaces it was growing on should be treated.

How To Live Mold Free

There are very few mold free places on earth. Examples would be inside a laboratory glove box or inside an operating ISO Class 1 Cleanroom. But, even an ISO Class 9 Cleanroom can allow up to 293,000 particles bigger than 5 microns per cubic meter. Mold sizes range from 3-12 microns and mold spores range in size from 10-30 microns. Mold spores are everywhere, so even if you did create a very clean environment, once you open the door to enter or leave, you can let mold in. So, it’s impossible to live free of mold.

What Does Testing For Mold Tell You?

Do you want to see a good fight? Ask a group of mold inspectors about the proper way to test and what the results mean. In the U.S., we have no Threshold Limit Values (TLV) or Permissive Exposure Limits (PEL) for mold. So how much is too much? It depends on,

  • If you have hypersensitivity to any elevated levels of particulates, mold in general, or a species of mold

  • If you have a compromised or weak immune system (sick, elderly, infant, etc)

  • What kind of mold is found (some are more toxic than others)

What about testing outside “to get a baseline”. Relative to your home or office, outside mold conditions are irrelevant if you plan on opening the door to go in or out. Where testing should tell you if you have a high total count or high counts of more toxic mold. What is a high total count? In consideration of the above situations, most labs consider a total count of over 1200 spores per cubic meter to be an actionable level. Any level of the more toxic mold spores is too much and needs.

Three Conditions of Mold

While there is no mold free place you could live, there is a level of mold we have come to accept as healthy for most people. It is called, Condition 1. General maintenance and regular HVAC maintenance should be all that is needed. Condition 2 is where elevated mold spores have settled on surfaces as a result of active mold growth (Condition 3) somewhere else. The S520 guideline for Condition 2 (settled mold) on surfaces is to clean thoroughly and apply an antimicrobial treatment to the surface it was growing on. When surfaces (drywall, carpet, upholstery, furniture, clothes, etc,) are supporting active growth, the non-structural items need to be disposed of. Structural surfaces can be cleaned thoroughly and treated with an antimicrobial solution.

Some unscrupulous companies will just spray, encapsulate, or treat mold without removing it. It is probably cheaper than doing it right, according to the S520, but it will not pass a 3rd party Post Remediation Verification (PRV), also a recommendation in the S520.

In Tennessee, a Department of Agriculture license C-14 is required to apply an EPA-registered fungicide for the purpose of killing mold.

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