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Crawlspace Economy Makeover Features:

  • The crawlspace is contained from the living space of your house
  • The crawlspace mold is physically removed by HEPA vacuuming, wiping and sanding
  • fungicidal wood treatment is used to clean the wood
  • 6 mil polyethylene vapor barrier installed on 100% of the ground in the crawlspace
  • 3rd party post remediation verification (PRV) with testing and photos

Crawlspace Extreme Makeover Features:

  • The wall liner completely seals the crawlspace floor and walls. It is mechanically fastened to the walls and piers to a level above grade but below the wood subfloor to prevent any water or vapor intrusion
  • The seams are overlapped and sealed with a special waterproof adhesive
  • The membrane has a water vapor permeance rating of 0.036 perms according to ASTM E 96 and ASTM F 1249
  • The life expectancy rating by ASTM E 154 is indefinite
  • The membrane has a tensile strength of 54.4 lbf./in. and a puncture resistance of 2340 grams
  • It costs about half the price of competing Crawlspace Encapsulation products

Conditioned Crawlspace


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