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Many people suffer from allergies and excessive dust and particulates in the air and need to do something to improve their indoor air quality. We can help.

Certified Mold Professional in Nashville

A friendly competitor once told me, “All of my technicians are certified”. I was duly impressed until he told me, “I certified them all”. What does it mean to be certified? In most cases, it means they went to a 1 to 3 day class, passed a test on the class material (possibly with help from the instructor), and are now “certified”. In other cases, they took an online class, passed the “open book” test, and are now certified. Is that the same as a Certified Public Accountant or Certified Financial Planner? Not even close.

Board Certified Mold Profession

Take the ACAC, for example, for mold remediation. The ACAC stands for American Council for Accredited Certification. An ACAC accreditation is accredited by the CESB (Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards). ACAC examinations are compliant with standards published with APA, AERA, and NCMA. The ACAC is a member of the ICE (Institute for Credentiallng Excellence). ACAC applicatants are peer reviewed-they must be approved by Industry Professionals. They must submit an application that is approved by the Board. This is no, “take a class and pass a test” certification. An applicant requesting certification must demonstrate one year successful projects in the field and a Supervisor certification requires five years experience in the field. ACAC Board Certifications are dependent on continued professional performance.

Look for “real” Board Certifications when you need a certified professional. For an ACAC Board Certified Mold Remediation Supervisor, call Tier Restoration at 615-270-3315.

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