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Carpet Extraction in Nashville

If your carpets are water damaged from a clean water source, and in good shape prior to the incident, they can normally be restored if dried properly. As usual, there are some exceptions. It depends on

  • Wool carpet or area rugs may have unstable dyes or may shrink.
  • Jute, or another natural backing, may shrink.
  • Older carpet may be delaminated and be further damaged by prolonged exposure to water or not be able to survive the drying or reinstallation process.
  • Seams may fail during the drying or reinstallation process.
  • The wood stain on unsealed furniture which is sitting on the carpet can bleed and cause a permanent stain.
  • Some metal furniture may cause rust stains.

Area Rug Drying

Area rugs can usually be restored after a Category 1 water damage. Even the hand-woven, wool rugs for centuries have been taken down to the river, scrubbed and beaten, then laid on the rocks to dry. Just don’t roll them up when they are wet. The dyes could crock or bleed.

Modern carpet is basically plastic fibers with plastic backing. If dried within a few days it should not grow moldand be fine.

Drying carpet in place

If conditions are right, carpet and pad can be dried in place using heat, high-speed fans, and dehumidifiers. The right conditions are:

  • The water damage is from a clean source like a supply line (Category 1)
  • The extraction is done with a weighted drag tool or with some kind of compression, more than just a regular cleaning wand. Water must be compressed out of the pad.
  • The water damage is less than a couple of days old.
  • Sufficient air flow, heat, and dehumidification can be installed to return the affected subfloor and framing to pre-loss condition in 3 days or less. For example, a 10×12 room would need 5 high-velocity fans and 1 dehumidifier.
  • Horse hair, or other natural pad, may have to be replaced making carpet removal necessary
  • Pad with a “pet shield” coating or cover will trap water underneath and will have to be removed
  • A variation is to install a fan under the carpet in the corner of the room and “float” the carpet with the pad in place.
  • Glue-down carpet is easily restored in a Category 1 water damage. The only problem is that it sometimes exposes areas where the adhesive has failed and it may “bubble” up.

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