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Burst Frozen Pipe Nashville

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Water Damage From Frozen Pipe Burst

When the outside temperature drops below 20F, exposed plumbing pipes have a greater chance of freezing. The main situations we have seen frozen pipe bursts which caused water damage here in Nashville include:

  • upstairs bathroom with plumbing pipes in a vented attic
  • sprinkler system in a vented attic
  • pipes near foundation vents in the crawlspace
  • Non-frost-proof garden hose bibb or spigot or without an insulated cover

According to the IICRC S500, Standards for Water Damage Restoration, water damage from a frozen supply line would be considered Category 1. That means most wet materials can be dried out safely, without concern of contamination (compared to Category 3 water damage from ground water flood or sewage, in which case most non-structural materials would need to be removed) if the restoration process is quickly completed. If the job is small enough to handle yourself, make sure you follow our thorough investigation process which includes finding the perimeter of the water damage and searching for trapped water. Water can be trapped in cavities, vapor barriers, and layers. Moisture meters can show how wet materials got during the water damage and when they are dry. If you are unsure about where the water is hiding or how to confirm that no water damaged materials will grow mold, call Tier Restoration to be your certified water damage professional.

How To Prevent Burst Frozen Pipes in Nashville

Should you let the faucets drip? Yes, especially if the supply lines to that faucet are exposed to the weather, in an exterior wall, or are not insulated. The pipe does not break where it is frozen. It actually splits from the water pressure between where it freezes and the closed faucet. So opening the faucet a little gives the water room to expand if it freezes. You want to open the faucet faster than a drip but slower than a heavy stream to make sure it is open enough to allow for expansion.

Pipes exposed to the weather in a ventilated attic must be insulated as much as possible. Pre-formed 1/2″ insulation is available at home improvement stores, but that may not be enough. Closed cell foam and fiberglass pipe insulation have a higher R-value and are available online or from specialty stores. Thermostatically controlled heat tape can be wrapped around especially vulnerable pipes for maximum protection when relocation of the pipes is not an option.

Water Damage From Frozen Burst Pipes is Covered by Insurance

In most cases, standard property insurance covers loss from frozen burst pipes. Tier Restoration uses industry standard software for pricing and has an excellent process for making sure the insurance company covers everything they should. For fast response, 24/7, certified professionals, specialized drying equipment, guaranteed and documented results from Tier Restoration, call 615-270-3315.

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