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Many people suffer from allergies and excessive dust and particulates in the air and need to do something to improve their indoor air quality. We can help.

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Air duct cleaning is becoming more popular as many realize how much cleaning the “lungs”, or air ducts, of your building and home can improve the indoor air quality. It is recommend that you clean your air ducts about every 5 to 8 years depending on how sensitive you or the occupants are to respiratory irritations, how leaky your system is, and how much your environment has been subjected to airborne contaminates such as heavy remodeling, mold growth, or fire damage.

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Air Duct Cleaning in Nashville

When was the last time you cleaned your air ducts? If you said, “Never”, we recommend more often than that. Most of us would never consider drinking from a dirty glass, but never consider breathing air from dirty air ducts. If our pet fish get sick, we immediately think of the quality of their environment, but, for some reason, we don’t consider our environment as quickly when we get sick. What are some indicators that your air ducts need cleaning?

  • It seems that the house gets dusty quickly

  • It seems you sneeze more at home than when away

  • You smell odors coming from your ducts

  • You can see dust or debris when you look inside the ducts or change the filter

  • Your filter gets dirty quickly

  • Your allergies are bothering you more when at home

How To Select A Professional Air Duct Cleaning Contractor

Air duct cleaning can be a ripoff if not done according to NADCA standards. What does that mean? There are several pages of standards, but the main points are:

  • Place the duct system under negative air pressure while cleaning

  • The agitation device should remove dust and debris from the duct walls and move to the collection source

  • The branches and trunks should be thoroughly cleaned

  • Access openings should be installed where necessary and sealed according to SMACNA standards

  • The air-side surfaces of the air handler (evaporator coil, heat exchanger, interior of the unit) must be cleaned

  • The registers, diffusers, and grilles must be cleaned

  • No chemicals should be sprayed or fogged for the purpose of killing mold growing in the ducts or unit

  • Documentation should be provided for before and after cleaning 

So a contractor showing up with a shop vac and fogger is a good sign you are not going to get a quality air duct cleaning job. A HEPA filtered negative air machine hooked up to the ducts and air compressor or cable driven brushes are necessary to get professional cleaning results.

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