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The Right Water Damage Solution When Moisture Threatens Your Home

Tier Restoration is a water damage, mold removal, and moisture control specialist. Trained, experienced and certified technicians extract water from carpet when dishwashers and washing machines flood, when ice makers and toilets leak, and help when you need a drying specialist or flood pro. DryRite is our mold and mildew cleanup and removal professional company. We can also help when you need to cleanup sewage and flood damage as well as air duct cleaning and crawlspace help.

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Plumbing Overflow Leak

When you experience a plumbing overflow or leak in the Nashville, Tennessee area, you want to make sure your home or commercial office is professionally restored to make sure all water damage is dried properly, no mold will grow, you are properly represented with your insurance claims adjuster and you are back to whatever you consider normal as fast as possible.


Flood Storm Restoration

If you have experienced flood damage, a flooded basement , or a flooded crawlspace; if you need water extraction, flood damage cleaned up, flooded carpet extraction and drying, or want to prevent mold and mildew growth, you will need a flood damage specialist. A flood damage specialist will use specialized instruments to inspect your home or business for hidden damage…..


Frozen Pipe Burst

When the outside temperature drops below 20F, exposed plumbing pipes have a greater chance of freezing. The main situations we have seen frozen pipe bursts which caused water damage here in Nashville include:

  • Upstairs bathroom with plumbing pipes in a vented attic
  • Sprinkler system in a vented attic


Work with a Second Generation Family Owned Nashville Company That’s Been Around Since 1975 and Will Continue To Be Around In The Future.

Greg Lewis, the owner and founder of Crawlspace Makeovers, started in his late father’s (Ken Lewis) janitorial business back in 1975 during high school. He worked for him during the summer seasons during college, and then went on to work for him full time after graduating. After graduating college (UTC), Greg moved on to work a few years for the Boy Scouts of America.

Greg and his father bought the Sears Carpet Cleaning franchise servicing the Nashville area in 1987, and successfully operated it until 1999 when they sold the company. It was while operating the carpet cleaning franchise, which utilized gasoline-powered super sucker trucks, that they began to learn about and service the extraction of water in water damaged homes and businesses. This led them to other related services in the industry such as mold remediation, and then on into managing indoor air quality by adding on an air duct cleaning division.

Since most air ducts in the Nashville and surrounding areas are in the crawlspace, which is usually a mess, a crawlspace renovation division was created.

Answers to Your Questions

Subfloor Insulation: To Replace or Not Replace

Most of our Crawlspace Makeover projects will not include replacing subfloor insulation when it is removed for mold remediation purposes. There are several reasons for this. We have found it can create more problems than it purports to solve. In the Southeast, our climate is warm and humid most of the year. The only time subfloor insulation would be of any benefit would be in the winter, and even then, only a few days would make a noticeable difference in the temperature of the floor. The rest of the year, the insulation acts like a sponge to trap the humidity in the crawlspace. This creates several problems.

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Why not just treat the mold with bleach?

Sodium Hypochlorite, or bleach, is registered to be used as a fungicide only on hard surfaces, such as stainless steel or tile, not wood or drywall.  Bleach also has some inherent problems as a fungicide:

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Why is mold growing in my crawl space?

Mold cannot grow without moisture or high humidity, so a thorough investigation is necessary to determine the cause of elevated moisture and water in the crawl space. In most cases, several minor conditions have contributed to creating a major problem:

  • Gutter and downspout extensions (a concrete splash block does not count). Here are the numbers: for every 1500 square feet of roof and inch of rain, 1000 gallons of water are channeled off of the roof. If the gutters do not catch the water, or the downspout extensions do not carry the water at least 6 to 10 feet away, all of that rain can make its way into the crawlspace
  • The drainage of the yard can slope toward the house and allow rain water to run into the crawlspace
  • Condensation on the ductwork, as described here, can contribute to high humidity and water puddles in the crawlspace

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